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Nerve Tonic Healing Infusions Testimony - Back on April 29, 2019 I was diagnosed with CSR Retinopathy (central vision loss, seeing a flash or gray spot in eye) due to extreme stress and anxiety. And when one is highly stressed and experience anxiety, our natural cortisone levels in our body increases, I know stress can cause some harmful effects to our body, but my vision I was not expecting at all. I did some research on my own and seen that many of people suffer for years with this condition, and I did not want to go through what some of those people went through. Later on that week, I came across this young lady at church who I overheard talking about some herbal teas and their benefits, and I decided I wanted to try the nerve tonic being that I was going through a lot of things in my life at that time.

I began drinking the tea, along with diet change, trusting in God for complete healing. The eye doctor who is also a Christian gave me a run down of what can happen, what not to expect, treatment options, but she did not want to start me on anything at that time and told me that it may go away on its own but it’ll take minimum of 4 months, and that I was young and lucky I did not procrastinate when I first seen the flash in my eye. She told me mines was rare because of what the catscan had showed. it had shown two pockets, one filling up with fluid causing the separation at the macular (2nd pocket) which causes a person to see a flash or gray spot. She told me to follow up with her in a month. I went back to her June 3, 2019 and to my surprise the fluid pocket is shrinking and I did mention to her I don’t see the flash in my eye that much anymore. And she tol d me to continue doing what I was doing, along with prayer.  The following week completely gone no flash or gray spot at all. I have a follow up with her in August, where she expects to discuss and maybe start me on a treatment if needed to help improve. But she has a surprise coming her way. I thank God for giving Carmen the ability to make these teas, this really did help with my stress and anxiety and brought my cortisone levels down. I would recommend this tea to any and every one, its 100% worth the purchase. 

Najah Johnson SI, NY

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