Healing Infusions

100% Certified Organic Herb "Tea" Tonics

Believe it or not I created these infusions in 1994. Back then I served clients that came by my home to shop, these yummy, amazing remedies hot from a tea pot with raw honey, lemon, a cinnamon stick, and 2 cloves or a star anise.

In 2006 when we had the storefront shop and day spa, I learned the importance of going organic. I sourced out the finest, certified organic herbs for our Healing Infusions. All of our blends have been 100% organic since. YAY!

Our Healing Infusions blends come packaged in food-grade tins with clear tops. Each comes with a reusable Muslin Steeping Pouch and Instructions.

[4oz. ($9) / 8oz. ($16) / 16oz. ($22) / 32oz. Mason Jar $38]