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Celebrating in tough times Sacred Self Care Self Care Self Treats Valentine's Day

Hi Beautiful!

How have you been?

To be honest with you, this year has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for me! So much so that I was about pass on the whole Valentine's Day thing! After attending a dear friend's fun and girly 60th Birthday Brunch on Sunday however I was reminded of why we must continue to celebrate life through times of sadness, sickness and even grief!

Valentine's Day is not just about couples and romance! It's a celebration of love which includes SELF-LOVE which requires SACRED SELF CARE! If you're like me you can use some Sacred Self-Care right about now! So I decided to share the Sharing The Bliss "Sacred Self-Care" and "Wellness Collection" with you to consider as a Valentine's Day gift to you! Though it's a bit short notice for those outside of the US or even New York City, I'm hoping that you’d select a Bliss Box, Beauty Box or Wellness Kit that would soothe your soul! Order today and be tickled pink anticipating its arrival!

The entire "Sacred Self Care" and "Wellness Collection" including Aromatherapy Bath & Body, Healing Infusions (organic tea) and new Organic Skin Care Collection is available at our new Shopify Store. The official launch is next month but you can shop today by clicking here… www.SharingTheBliss.Shop 

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