Blessed December Heiress! (We made it through!)

Happy New Month

It's December can you believe it? I know! All I can say is thank you Jesus' that we made it through more craziness and loss than we've seen in our lifetimes!

This year has proven that 'God truly does harden us to difficulties'! I can actually say that the losses that I've been through in my life (having all 5 of my immediate family members pass on before Covid) has given me the strength to better handle the passing of a 1st cousin, 2 clients, several dear friends and my mentor this year!

I may not be able to see the Black Nutcracker and enjoy a birthday dinner out with friends this year! That's okay because I'm a happy and grateful Psalms 91 Women! I'm grateful that I've learned how to walk in miracles! I'm telling you, this has truly been an amazing year for me in spite of the mess! I'm so grateful for you and for the work God has given us to do for such a time as this! There's so much more I can say here but I'll save it for my upcoming Webinar! What about you my love? We made it to December and I believe that we're going to live out the full number of our days blessed! Do you? If not, believe it, open your heart to receive it, and you will achieve it!

Oh, and good news, we're offering one final no-if-ands-or-buts chance to get 20% OFF any and everything on the website. That includes healing infusions (teas), aromatherapy, skin care AND even my Coaching Programs!

Coach Carmen

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